About Us

About Us

Yowse Trading private limited company is established on 2016 as per Ethiopian Comercial Law by four individuals having equal share. Our basic activities are international trading: import and export, commercial and industrial joint venture and oil seeds, cereals farming and manufacturing of food stuff and textile.

Our company is interested of suppliers and buyers across; China, Middle East, Africa and Europe. The chiefly dealt products are as follows: Exports(Organic Agricultural Products), Imports(Building Materials/Iron Bar, Nails, Wire Mesh e.t.c/, Food and Beverage, e.i. Vegetable Cooking Oil, Wheat Flour, Salt and Sugar, Plastic Products, and Paper),

 Our Main Import Items 

1. All Building Materials

2. Food Stuffs

3. Stationery Materials

4. Plastic and Plastic Products

5. Cosmetics

6. New and Used Cars and Spare Parts

Our Main Export Items

Our Agricultural Export Items are organic and free from chemicals. We mainly export entirely natural quality seeds growing in all parts of the country. The seeds are Particularly cleaned and checked for quality by government authorized agencies prior to shipment.

1. Sesame Seeds

2. Niger Seeds

3. Red Kidney Beans

4. Horse/Broad Beans

5. Dry Ginger 


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